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Over the past 40 years, CIC personal have designed, built and installed more than 200 furnaces for heavy industry, both foreign and domestic. We offer many options for your heat generation needs.


Free Standing Galvanizing Furnace

For the hot dip galvanizing industry, CIC Pittsburgh is a leading designer of energy efficient galvanizing furnaces, with the capability to aid in the design of plant layouts to make the most of your valuable work space. CIC also provides supporting equipment such as rack handling and transfer devices, furnace enclosures and flue gas heat recovery systems.
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Heat Treating

Tip Up Furnace with Quench Tank

CIC furnishes a variety of Heat Treating Furnaces to steel, titanium and specialty alloy industries including car bottom furnaces, annealing furnaces, lift-off hood furnaces and tip-up hood furnaces. Ladle Pre-heaters are an example of another product that is offered to steelmakers.
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Handling & Transfer Equipment

Automated Material Handler

Material Handling and transfer equipment is the key to any good process system. CIC can tailor build and supply customized integrated equipment to meet your individual needs.
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Equipment Upgrades

If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, we can suggest replacements to increase efficiency and bring your production up to date with the most advanced and current specifications, codes and modern technology. In today’s business climate, everyone is looking to make their plants and facilities more Eco-friendly. Adding a Heat Recovery System is a perfect way to make your process more efficient, save money and protect the environment all at the same time.
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CIC Pittsburgh also offers a wide list of additional miscellaneous products and services which include driers, heat reflective ceramic coatings, pump skids and OEM parts.
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