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CIC Pittsburgh now offers White Fume Enclosures, Baghouses and Process Tank Heating Systems

CIC Pittsburgh Expands Out Beyond Furnaces

AZZ Galvanizing selected CIC Pittsburgh to rebuild a hot dip galvanizing furnace plus design and install the boiler room and tank heating system at their new facility in Reno, Nevada.

“Our core business revolves around supplying all types of furnaces, from hot dip galvanizing furnaces to heat treating furnaces, ladle pre-heaters and other type of furnace equipment,” explained John Hayes, owner of CIC.  “However, we’re willing to expand our offerings to help our customers.”

CIC was involved in rebuilding one of the existing hot dip galvanizing furnaces that had been installed at another AZZ facility. Stored for a couple of years, the furnace was placed onto trucks and sent to CIC’s contract shop in Pittsburgh, PA.

It was first cleaned, then repainted, and the refractory lining was repaired, new combustion air valves, solenoid valves and ratio regulators were installed and the furnace was completely rewired. Additional upgrades and cleaning were performed on both the control panel and main gas safety train. AZZ also asked CIC   to provide a new furnace exhaust flue and stack, with provision for adding waste heat recovery in the future.

White Fume Enclosure

Another part of the contract involved the supply and installation of a new white fume enclosure over the furnace. This enclosure, designed and built by CIC, features full height end doors actuated by air cylinders. These full width doors allow for complete access to the kettle for ease in dipping and maintenance. The enclosure was designed in a manner that does not require it to be dismantled from the furnace when it becomes necessary for future kettle changes. Full length side doors, actuated by electric hoists, also were provided. CIC also provided high efficiency lighting for the interior of the enclosure. For removal of the fumes from the enclosure CIC designed and installed a high efficiency baghouse. The baghouse exhaust system, with a free standing stack, was also designed and installed by CIC.

CIC designed the complete process tank heating system for AZZ. The system included a Parker hot water boiler with a prebuilt recirculation skid complete with three pumps, motor starters, expansion tank, air scoop and all valves and inline specialties. As part of the job, CIC’s crew installed this equipment in the boiler room and provided all interconnecting piping. AZZ installed the piping to the tanks and provided all of the immersion coils in the process tanks.

“We’ve worked with AZZ on a number of projects over the years, and we’re very proud to have been chosen by AZZ Galvanizing for this project,” added Hayes.


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