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Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnaces

CIC Pittsburgh, LLC is a respected name in the hot dip galvanizing industry. We have 40 years of experience providing galvanizing furnaces and equipment to companies worldwide. Here’s what CIC has to offer you:

Furnace Design & Installation

  • Highly efficient and easy to maintain
  • Allows ease of kettle change out
  • long furnace lifetime throughout multiple change outs
  • Short install time reduces down time
  • Our exclusive free standing design removes the need for an excavated pit, reducing costs and installation time
  • All CIC furnaces come with external TC and leak detection as a standard option

Furnace Repair

  • Repair solutions for combustion problems and kettle failure damage
  • Structural and refractory repairs in the event of kettle failing, or simply old age
  • Able to restore or upgrade furnace control instrumentation to original specifications in the event of failure.

Burner Type

CIC utilizes many burner manufactures with the latest technology. We offer the following the types of burners:

  • High velocity end fired proportional control
  • High velocity end-fired True Pulse control
  • Side fired flat flame in either proportional or True Pulse control
  • Immersion burner for direct bath heating
  • Top fired
  • Multiple fuel types are available

Kettle change parts and service

CIC can provide the kettle, support systems, refractory and manpower to change your kettle in a little as 4 days, regardless of kettle or furnace manufacture.

  • Our experience can help you plan for a smooth and efficient kettle change
  • Experience with hot pump overs
  • Experience in changing brick kettle support to new alloy supports

Instrument upgrades

CIC performs instrumentation and control upgrades to replace existing outmoded equipment

  • Cascade control to reduce over firing, saving fuel and extending kettle life
  • Upgrade to external kettle more in bath thermocouples

Remote kettle temperature monitoring

CIC can install a furnace temperature control and monitoring system that will allow viewing of the process on many internet ready devices, including your smart phone.

  • Real time remote viewing of process
  • Alarm conditions transmitted to you via email

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