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Equipment Upgrades

While we love to sell new equipment, CIC realizes that sometimes finances are prohibitive. Let us show you how we can upgrade an existing furnace or bring it back to original specifications. With every furnace there is wasted energy. Let CIC show you how to capture that lost $$$ and make it work for you. We have designed and installed many systems to capture and utilize the heat your furnace is wasting. CIC will study your application and offer you our best advice on upgrade or repair.

  • Upgrade to True Pulse system to increase efficiency and temperature uniformity
  • Flue waste heat recovery to reclaim upward of 15 to 20 % of BTUs.
  • Upgrade obsolete instrumentation
  • Upgrade to current safety standards
  • Enable furnaces to meet AMS2750D/NADCAP requirements

CIC Pittsburgh has upgraded many combustion systems to increase efficiency and satisfy safety requirements. Burner systems and designs have improved drastically in the past 20 years. If your furnace combustion system is outdated, you are wasting fuel! Call us with your load size and heating rate or BTU/Hr requirements.
Control system upgrades can improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Industrial temperature controls have been improved to the point where major adjustment is not needed and periodic calibration verifies long term reliability and stability. CIC can design and install new automatic temperature controls with PID capability to help “get control” of your older furnace.
Many temperature controllers can now perform ramp and soak programming to make heat treating processes consistent. Programs can also be saved in the controller or your computer to avoid reprogramming for every different cycle or grade of material.

Please call us with your control system problems!

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