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Company profile

CIC Pittsburgh, LLC was founded by John F. Hayes in 1999 to provide quality industrial furnace products and services to the Hot Dip Galvanizing and Heat Treating industries. Over the years, CIC Pittsburgh has provided hundreds of new furnaces and countless upgrades to existing furnaces. The key to our success has been our customer focus and the priority we have placed on providing top quality service and support. The customer relationships that have developed as a result of these priorities has increased our understanding of our customers’ needs, which has driven our product development efforts. CIC Pittsburgh products offer the highest equipment reliability, lowest operating cost, and optimal ease of operation.

In addition to our product innovations, CIC Pittsburgh has grown its offerings beyond basic scope of the furnace. CIC Pittsburgh offerings have increased to include the ancillary Hot Dip Galvanizing equipment (kettles, boilers, fume capture, dust collection, material handling systems, etc.), and we now provide complete lines.

To ensure the continued future success for CIC Pittsburgh and our customers, in 2020 Mr. Hayes selected Jared Kaufman to be his successor, with Mr. Hayes staying on with CIC Pittsburgh as an advisor.

Our Mission

The mission of CIC Pittsburgh, LLC is to be a high performance company which strives for the following:

  • Attracts customers and exceeds their expectations
  • Provides an enriching, fulfilling and rewarding environment for employees
  • Values long-term relationship with suppliers
  • Serves and supports the community

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