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Are you looking for a new industrial furnace? Would you like your current furnace to run more efficiently? Are you looking to upgrade, or repair an existing furnace? Take a look at CIC Pittsburgh, LLC.

CIC Pittsburgh LLC is a supplier of hot dip galvanizing furnaces, heat treating furnaces, ladle pre-heaters, handling equipment and much more. Please visit our products page to get a better vision of our scope of work. If you look at this page, you will see that we also offer many services to industry including furnace repairs, instrument and equipment upgrades and OEM parts. With a 40 year focus in the industry, CIC Pittsburgh has provided effective solutions for daily, and long term operations, for many industrial facilities.

Throughout our service to industry, CIC has produced one very important result – Repeat Customers! We are very confident of the fact that once a customer chooses CIC Pittsburgh, LLC, they will keep coming back for additional equipment, our excellent support and peace of mind.

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